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Welcome to Achiever Nepal. Volunteering is a unique opportunity to change lives, including your own. Achiver Nepal is a non-government, non-political, non-profit development organization working under the principle of “Development through Volunteering”. It has been providing number of volunteer programs in different parts of country, Nepal. The main aim of Achiver Nepal is to help Orphanages’ Childrens education, community development program and training. When you volunteer with us in Nepal you are guaranteed a professional support network to guide you throughout. Our volunteer programs are the perfect way to help others, make a difference, explore new areas of interest, expand your horizons and see the world with purpose.

When you will be working side-by-side with and learn from local people, to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

Your small effort will help people to grow and find a better future.

Location of the programme

  • - Based in an urban area of Nepal

  • - Volunteers will be placed in mixed-nationality and gender groups of 2-3

  • - Live in children’s home and work with the management committee as a helping hand

  • - Placements are in areas with facilities such as electricity, health, communication and transportation

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If you are interested to work with Me

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