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Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trekking

Nepal Himalaya is a cultural trek par excellence, without a doubt one of the best treks in Nepal. Manaslu, 'The Mountain of the spirit', is the eight highest peak in the world, and from upper Nubri must be one of the most beautiful ones; the spectacular mountain scenery has to be seen to be believed. We trek the classic high trek around Manaslu from the historic town of Gorhka, with its wonderful 'durbar', or palace, to Kutang in lower Manaslu and on to upper Nubri, where trade with Tibet continues as it has for hundreds of years. We experience incredible mountain panoramas after the first few days, and add extra day’s at the most beautiful villages before the Larkya La (pass).

The diverse Tibetan culture, spectacular scenery and snow peaks of the Manaslu Himal Circuit make it one of the most interesting, as well as one of the most challenging, treks in Nepal. Now a days Manaslu Trekking is very famous and tea house trekking available.

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